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Naw Hei Nay Muee Phaw is an Experienced helper from Myanmar, She

has total 2 years 4 mths expereince in Singapore. She is able to cook and prepare

food for the family and able to converse in English.

In her recent assignment, she worked in a family of 7 and she help in the house work.

Previosuly she has worked in Singapore for 2 years in a family of 6 helping to take care of infant

with the grand mother. She also attend to house work and assist in cooking.

She is flexible about her off day arrangement and hopes to continue to work in Singapore

to continue to work and support the family again.

Single (26)
Ref: TRF KY 165
Upd on 08-Dec-16

VANLALREMI is a new Transfer helper from Mizoram and she is married with 1 child

She works in a family of 4 (sir, Mdm, 3 years old boy, Grand mother) and the Grand mother

trained her in the cooking, house work and taking care of the child.

Remi as you may call her is a quiet person, she hopes to continue to work in Singapore

to support her family back home. She is ok with 1 off day after her loan period and is not

particular about diet and other requirement.

Married (26)
Ref: TRF AIZ ...
Upd on 08-Dec-16

NAW BAR BALU PHAW is a new helper from Myanmar.

She is 24 years old and she stays with her family in Htantapin and she

has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. She can cook Myanmar food and she

is keen to learn how to cook Asian dishes. She have one month experience in singapore.

Single (24)
Ref: TRF KY 431
Upd on 07-Dec-16

IRENE LALTANPUII is a transfer helper from Mizoram state, India. She is a

quiet person and worked in a family of 7 (Sir, Mdm, 1 child, Granny, Brother, 2 Sisters)

for about 6 months. She is able to cook and prepare simple dishes for the family and helps

the Granny to take care of a toddler at times.

Irene is able to handle house work by herself and hopes to continue to work to support

her family.

Single (24)
Ref: TRF AIZ ...
Upd on 03-Dec-16

Win Thung is a Transfer Helper from Paletwa, a remote area South West of

Myanmar. She has been in Singapore for about 2 mths and as she is new to

the working environment here, she is picking up the skills needed in a modern

environment household as much as possible.

The family she was assigned to has 5 members (sir, mdm, 2 children + Granny) and the

the employer's Mother in Law helps to teach her in the house work. However as they

need some one with experience here, they decided to look for someone more experienced

and transfer her.

Wing Thung is the eldest among her 6 siblings back home and she

can cook simple Myanmar food and is willing to learn more Asian food

cooking in Singapore. Her employer has mentioned she is someone

who is responsible and willing to persevere and is a matured and quiet person.

She helped to take care of children in her home town 3 boys ( 3, 2 & 8 mths)

in her home town for 1 year and she is able to speak some simple English. Win

Thung hopes to continue working in her family.

Single (23)
Ref: TRF WM 039
Upd on 03-Dec-16

Yadanar Theint Theint Lwin is a Transfer helper from Myanmar. She worked

in Singapore for near to 2 years and is able to converse in English. She is able to

prepare simple meal and soup for the family.

Thein Thein or Yadana as you may call her is the eldest child in the family and

is someone confident and independent. Being a fast learner she can pick up

any skills quickly. She is able to do grocery run by herself.

This helper is negotiable about day off as long as its compendated fairly. She hopes

to continue to work in Singapore so as to continue to support her family

Single (26)
Ref: KY 213
Upd on 03-Dec-16
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