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Ratni is an experienced helper from Indonesia and she

  • has 4 siblings, she has a child 12 years old
  • worked for 3 years 2 mths in a landed house with 7 family members
  • is able to converse in English and can cook prepare & meals for the family

Prior to working here, she has experienced overseas in

  • Jordan for 2 years (2007 -2009) where she takes care of cooking and house work
  • Kuwait for 3 years (2009 -2012) where she work as a house maid in housework, cooking

She looks forward to come back to Singapore to work and to support her family again

Divorced (33)
Ref: GM 203
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Milda Laurie Novera is an Indonesian domestic worker, 25 years old,

has senior high school education and work experience for 3 years in sales

field in her home country. In 2013, she went to Taiwan to work as domestic

worker, but had to go home after 1 month because her husband left her and

her sick 5 months baby. Now she is divorced and her youngest child is 1 year old.

Her mother take care now of her children. She has great enthusiasm to work in

Singapore for herself and the future of her 2 children in Indonesia.

She is ready to care for infants/children, elderly and disabled.

MILDA is flexible with her off day arrangent and is ok to use her

hand phone only at night after her work

Divorced (24)
Ref: GM 202
Upd on 21-Oct-16


** This helper is able to start work estimated only in Feb 2017 (no confirmed plans yet) **


WELAS ASIH SUPPRIYANTI is an experienced helper from Indonesia. She is

married with 2 daughters aged 17, 19 years old. She has worked in Singapore

for a total of 6 years 3 mths. She can cook Chinese food (stir fry, soup, veg & meat etc.)

Asih as you may call her, is a matured person. She hopes to come back to Singapore

to work so as to support her children. She can converse in English and able to understand

some simple mandarin. She prefers to take care of elderly if not children.

Married (38)
Ref: EM 127
Upd on 21-Oct-16

CARSINI is an experienced Indonesian domestic worker.

She is 26 years old, single, and has work experience in Indonesia for 2 years,

and in Singapore for 5 years. She is a hard working person, loyal, diligent, and

willing to work in Singapore again with great enthusiasm.

Her work experience included care of children, general housework, cooking,

washing, ironing, house cleaning, and even helping office administration.

Carsini is competent in conversational English. She can cook and prepare

meals for the family.

Single (27)
Ref: GM 204
Upd on 01-Oct-16

AKRAMIYAH is a new helper from Indonesia and she

has worked in Malaysia for 3 years in a factory. She can

cook and prepare meals for the family.

She has 8 siblings at home and is the 2nd among them. As her husband

passed away, she needs to support her 3 children ranging from 12 to 18 years

old. She hopes to come Singapore to work and start work again

Widowed (38)
Ref: HH 110
Upd on 01-Oct-16

MAESARAH is a new helper from Indonesia, she is 42 years

old, married with 3 children. She can cook Indonesian food and

is willing to learn Asian cooking.

She hopes to provide support to her family by working oversea

Married (42)
Ref: HH 111
Upd on 01-Oct-16

WARINII is a new helper from Indoneisa and she spend

3 years in Bruneii heloing out in a family. She is 32 years

old married with 2 children 11 , 4 years old.

She hopes to come Singapore to work soon

Married (36)
Ref: HH 113
Upd on 01-Oct-16

SURIANI is 31 years old and she is married with 1 child 11 years old.

She spend 2 years in Abu Dhabi and she help take care of house work.

She is keen to learn more about Asian cooking and hopes to support

her family when she starts work in Singapore

Married (31)
Ref: HH 112
Upd on 01-Oct-16
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