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** Revised/ updated to Catholic**

SALAZAR EMELY TUMANENG or Emely as you may call her

is a Transfer helper. She has been working in Singapore for the past

9 years+ and is a simple, matured, responsible & soft spoken person.

She is 44 years old and has a child 27 years old. She is able to cook dishes

prepared in Chinese, Korean and Philippines style as she has served employers

of different nationilities during her working life in Singapore. She is able to converse

well in English and has no problem with the language including read/ write.

Employers will be pleased to know she can be entrusted with the grocery run to the nearest

supermarket or the wet market to get all the family's marketing needs. House work wise she

is an independent person who handles her chores well. As she is familiar with the local transport

system she is also able to send/ fetch the children from their school or to bring them to outings or

the additional classes anywhere in Singapore.

Emely is happy with 1 or 2 off days and is flexible with the off day arrangement arranged by her

employer. She looks forward to start work with the next employer and to contribute positively to

their family & domestic needs once she comes onboard.

Separated (44)
Ref: TRF EM 136
Upd on 21-Jan-17
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